Training Google AdWords / Advanced – 1 day

Class overview :

This Advanced Google AdWords Training Course expands on the topics covered in our Introduction to Google AdWords class. In the Advanced Google AdWords course, we take a deeper dive into understanding and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns. The course covers optimization of keywords, campaigns and ads, and other advanced features of Google AdWords.

Class goals :

Learn how to optimize your keywords list.
Learn how to leverage dynamic keyword insertion in Google AdWords.
Learn how to optimize your Ad campaigns by using geo-targeting.
Learn how to advertise on Google’s Content Network.
Learn how to optimize your Ads using advanced settings in Google AdWords.
Learn how to set up conversion tracking in Google AdWords.
Learn how to integrate and leverage Google Analytics with Google AdWords.

Content of Training Google AdWords / Advanced

Class Outline

  1. Advertising on Google’s Content Network
    1. Understanding How Content Network Works
    2. CPM vs. CPC
    3. How to Leverage Content Network in Google AdWords
      1. Automatic Placement
      2. Targeted Placement
      3. Exploring the Networks Tab within Google AdWords
  2. Introduction to Google Places
    1. Overview of Location-Based Ad Services
    2. How to Leverage Google Places
  3. Optimizing Your Keywords Strategy for AdWords
    1. Understanding Types of Keywords
      1. Long Tail vs. Short Tail Keywords
      2. Using Broad Match Modifier
    2. Google Analytics for Keyword Optimization
      1. Identifying Keywords Using Internal Site Search
      2. Identifying Favorable and Unfavorable Keywords
      3. Using Keyword Positions Report
    3. Strengthening Your Keyword Research
      1. Keyword Diagnosis in AdWords
      2. Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool
      3. Leveraging Google Trends
      4. Leveraging Google Sets
      5. Leveraging Google Insights for Search
    4. Competitive Keyword Analysis
      1. Leveraging Third-Party Tools for Competitive Keyword Analysis
    5. Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  4. Optimizing AdWords Campaigns
    1. Using Campaign Organization Options
      1. Geo-targeting (Inclusion, Exclusion)
      2. Using Location-Sensitive Keywords
    2. Leveraging AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE)
      1. Overview of How ACE Works
      2. Different Methods to Use ACE
    3. Leveraging Analyze Competition Feature
      1. Benchmarking AdWords Campaign Performance
  5. Optimizing Ads
    1. Controlling Your Ad Delivery in Google AdWords
      1. Selecting Networks and Devices
      2. Using IP Exclusion
      3. Position Preference
      4. Delivery Preference
      5. Using Ad Rotation
      6. Ad Scheduling
      7. Frequency Capping
    2. Leveraging the Ad Site Links in AdWords Ads
  6. Conversation Tracking in Google AdWord
    1. Understanding How Conversion Tracking Works in Google AdWords
    2. Implementing Conversation Tracking in Google AdWords
    3. Measuring Conversions
  7. Leveraging AdWords Report in Google Analytics
    1. Measuring Campaigns Performance
    2. Day Parts Report
    3. Destination URLs Report
    4. Placement Report
  8. Introduction to Website Optimizer
Google AdWords / Advanced
Training Google AdWords / Advanced

Onze voordelen :

  • Type of training: Inter-company, intra-company and individual
  • 100% flexible & personalised training : You choose the place, the dates and the training program
  • Offer request : Response within 24 hours
  • 50% discount for SME’s from Brussels-Capital Region
  • Free parking, lunch & drinks
  • Free use of our Digital Competence Centre: Manuals, courses, exercises, …

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