Training Google Analytics / Advanced – 1 day

Class overview :

This fast-paced, one-day, advanced Google Analytics training class covers some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics, including RegEx, advanced segmentation, intelligence alerts, custom reporting, event tracking, virtual page views, Ecommerce tracking, and custom variables.

Class goals :

Learn to set up intelligence alerts.
Learn the difference between advanced segments and filters.
Learn to create advanced segments.
Learn to build custom reports.
Learn the difference between virtual page views and event tracking.
Learn to generate virtual pageviews.
Learn to set up event tracking.
Learn about custom variables.
Learn the best practices for using custom variables.
Learn about subdomain and cross-domain tracking.
Learn about Ecommerce tracking.

Content of Training Google Analytics / Advanced

Class Outline

  1. Intelligence Events
    1. Introduction to Intelligence Events
    2. Automatic Alerts
    3. Custom Alerts
  2. Advanced Segmentation
    1. Introduction to Advanced Segmentation
    2. Leveraging Default Advanced Segments
    3. Customizing Advanced Segments
    4. Managing Advanced Segments
    5. Application of RegEx in Advanced Segmentation
  3. Custom Reporting
    1. Introduction of Custom Reporting
    2. Valid Pairs of Dimensions and Metrics
    3. Designing Your Custom Report
    4. Building Your Custom Report
  4. Ecommerce Tracking and Reporting
    1. Enabling Ecommerce Tracking
    2. Implementing Ecommerce Methods
    3. Ecommerce Overview Report
    4. Product Performance Report
    5. Sales Performance Report
    6. Transaction Report
    7. Time to Purchase Report
    8. Multi-Channel Reports
    9. Assisted Conversions Report
    10. Top Conversions Report
    11. Time Lag Report
    12. Path Length Report
  5. Virtual Pageviews
    1. Introduction to Virtual Pageviews
    2. Virtual Pageviews and Dynamic URLs
    3. Virtual Pageviews for Tracking File Downloads
    4. Virtual Pageviews and Tracking Outbound Links
  6. Event Tracking
    1. Introduction to Event Tracking
    2. Understanding _trackEvent Method
    3. Implementing Event Tracking
    4. Event Tracking Reports
  7. Multiple Domain Tracking
    1. Introduction to Multiple Domain Tracking
    2. Implementing Subdomain Tracking
    3. Implement Cross-domain Tracking
  8. Custom Variables
    1. Introduction to Custom Variables
    2. Architecture of Custom Variables
    3. Implementing Custom Variables
Google Analytics / Advanced
Training Google Analytics / Advanced

Onze voordelen :

  • Type of training: Inter-company, intra-company and individual
  • 100% flexible & personalised training : You choose the place, the dates and the training program
  • Offer request : Response within 24 hours
  • 50% discount for SME’s from Brussels-Capital Region
  • Free parking, lunch & drinks
  • Free use of our Digital Competence Centre: Manuals, courses, exercises, …

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