Training HTML5 Training for Managers – 2 days

Class overview :

This HTML5 training class is for people who need to have a better understanding of HTML5, but are not going to be writing HTML5 code themselves (or at least not yet). It covers the structural differences between HTML5 and HTML 4 and addresses the benefits of HTML5 and the current state of HTML5 support.

Class goals :

  • Learn the benefits and purpose of HTML5.
  • Learn the differences between HTML5 and HTML 4 and XHTML.
  • Learn the state of browsers and other device support for HTML5.
  • Learn how to embed video in HTML5.

Content of HTML5 Training for Managers

  1. What is HTML5
    1. Time Line History HTML 1995 to 2010
    2. Review Standard for HTML, XHTML, and the HTML DOM
    3. Previous version of HTML came in 1999
    4. Goal is to reduce the need for proprietary RIA technologies, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun JavaFX
    5. Still a work in progress
    6. Able to develop more powerful multimedia
    7. Relies heavily on JavaScript
    8. Some elements that have been dropped from HTML 4.01
    9. Syntax is no longer based on SGML
    10. Application Focused
    11. Error Handling
    12. What HTML5 is, is not, is important
    13. Current State of HTML5
  2. HTML5 vs. HTML 4
    1. Specification
    2. Doctype simplified
    3. Character Encoding
    4. Forms
    5. Integrated APIs
    6. Associated APIs
  3. Rules for HTML5
    1. Some rules for HTML5 were established:
    2. New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
    3. Reduce the need for external plugins (like Flash)
    4. Better error handling
    5. More markup to replace scripting
    6. HTML5 should be device independent
    7. The development process should be visible to the public
  4. HTML5 New Features
    1. The canvas element for drawing
    2. The video and audio elements for media playback
    3. Better support for local offline storage
    4. New content specific elements, like article, footer, header, nav, section
    5. New form controls, like calendar, date, time, email, url, search
    6. Reduce need for plug-ins
  5. HTML5 Browser Support
    1. For each feature
    2. Code determination of supported features
    3. Fallback content when a browser doesn’t support the element
    4. How to check status of Browsers
    5. Using Modernizr
  6. HTML5 New Elements an Attributes
    1. New elements for better structure
    2. New standard for media content
    3. Canvas element uses JavaScript to make drawings on a web page
    4. More form elements, with more functionality
    5. Input element’s type attribute for better input control before sending it to the server
  7. Demos
    1. Embedding video
    2. Embedding audio
HTML5 Training for Managers
Training HTML5 Training for Managers

Onze voordelen :

  • Type of training: Inter-company, intra-company and individual
  • 100% flexible & personalised training : You choose the place, the dates and the training program
  • Offer request : Response within 24 hours
  • 50% discount for SME’s from Brussels-Capital Region
  • Free parking, lunch & drinks
  • Free use of our Digital Competence Centre: Manuals, courses, exercises, …

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