Training Introduction to Agile Testing – 1 day

Class overview :

Agile software development practices are now so widespread that they are no longer considered ‘extreme’. However, many organisations and agile teams still struggle with how to do successful testing on an agile development project.

Class goals :

On completion of this course you will understand agile projects and how they represent a highly collaborative approach to software development. Through interactive sessions you will have gained practical exposure to the common processes of agile including:

  • Planning Iterations
  • Task Estimation
  • Prioritising tasks by business value
  • Using acceptance tests to drive development

Content of Introduction to Agile Testing

Introduction to Agile Software Development

  • Becoming Agile – Why Agile projects are different
  • A New approach to the project plan
  • The Agile Alliance & ‘Manifesto’
  • Features & characteristics of Agile methods
  • Business imperatives
  • Agile in context – conditions for success
  • Dispelling popular Agile myths
  • Examined: XP and Lean Development
  • Traditional problems, new solutions
  • Key practices

Agile Testing Strategies

  • An agile testing metaphor: hitting a moving target
  • Implications of Agile for testing strategies
  • Aligning the test cycle with the development cycle
  • Automation, automation, automation
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Testing Visibly
  • Defect Management and Triage
  • Exploratory Testing

The Agile Game

  • A fun, interactive session to explore Agile principles

Agile Tools and Techniques – an Overview

  • Test-Driven Development with xUnit
  • Continuous Integration with CruiseControl
  • Acceptance Testing with FIT
Introduction to Agile Testing
Training Introduction to Agile Testing

Onze voordelen :

  • Type of training: Inter-company, intra-company and individual
  • 100% flexible & personalised training : You choose the place, the dates and the training program
  • Offer request : Response within 24 hours
  • 50% discount for SME’s from Brussels-Capital Region
  • Free parking, lunch & drinks
  • Free use of our Digital Competence Centre: Manuals, courses, exercises, …

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