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Training VMware VSphere 4: Skills for operators – 2 days

Class overview :

This hands-on training course explores configuration and management of VMware vSphere™ virtual machines. Upon completion of this course, you should have the skills necessary to work effectively with VMware® virtual machines. The course is based on VMware ESX™ 4.0 and VMware vCenter™ Server 4.0.

Class goals :

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Create, deploy, and manage virtual machines
  • Use vCenter Server to monitor virtual machine resource usage
  • Use VMware vCenter Update Manager to apply patches to virtual machines
  • Use VMware vMotion™ and Storage vMotion to migrate virtual machines
  • Troubleshoot problems with virtual machine configuration

Content of VMware vSphere 4: Skills for Operators

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Introduction to VMware Virtualization

  • Discussion of virtualization and vSphere components

Module 3: Virtual Machine Creation and Management

  • Create a virtual machine
  • Install a guest operating system in a virtual machine
  • Install VMware Tools into a Windows guest operating system
  • Enable time synchronization between a virtual machine and the host
  • Create a template
  • Create a template and deploy a virtual machine from it
  • Clone a virtual machine that is powered on
  • Take snapshots of a virtual machine and revert to a snapshot
  • Modify a virtual machine’s disk, memory, and name
  • Manipulate virtual machines in the vCenter Server inventory
  • Delete a virtual machine from disk
  • Add a raw LUN to an existing virtual machine

Module 4: Virtual Machine Resource Monitoring

  • Use vCenter Server to monitor CPU utilization

Module 5: Using Update Manager to Update Virtual Machines

  • List all patches installed on both your virtual machine and template
  • Create a patch baseline
  • Scan for updates
  • Remediate the virtual machine and template

Module 6: Migrating Virtual Machines

  • Verify that your virtual machines’ settings meet vMotion requirements
  • Verify that your ESX host meets vMotion requirements
  • Perform a vMotion migration a virtual machine
  • Perform a Storage vMotion migration a virtual machine

Module 7: Troubleshooting Virtual Machines

  • Identify and correct common configuration issues with virtual machines
VMware VSphere 4
Training VMware VSphere 4

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  • Type of training: Inter-company, intra-company and individual
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  • 50% discount for SME’s from Brussels-Capital Region
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