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Training Essentials of Teams
1. Explore Microsoft Teams
Understand the roles of Teams
Discuss the different versions
Know the different customers
Install Teams

2. Create and manage teams and channels
Create a team
Set up a team
To manage a team
Set up channels
Manage channels

3. Interact in a channel
Send a message
Mention a user
Edit or delete a message
Discuss message options

4. Implement private conversations
Send a private message
Send a private group message
Include conversation history
Manage conversations
Manage contacts

5. Share files
Share files with the team
Share files in a private conversation
Edit files
Co-edit documents
Manage documents

6. Organize meetings
Conduct an instant meeting
Schedule public meetings
Schedule private meetings
Discover the features available during a meeting

7. Use search and commands
Perform a search
Navigate via search
Start an order

8. Customize and configure Teams
Show conversation tabs
Add channel tabs
Join or leave a team
Adjust user parameters