Training Essentials of Teams
1. Explore Microsoft Teams
Understand the roles of Teams
Discuss the different versions
Know the different customers
Install Teams

2. Create and manage teams and channels
Create a team
Set up a team
To manage a team
Set up channels
Manage channels

3. Interact in a channel
Send a message
Mention a user
Edit or delete a message
Discuss message options

4. Implement private conversations
Send a private message
Send a private group message
Include conversation history
Manage conversations
Manage contacts

5. Share files
Share files with the team
Share files in a private conversation
Edit files
Co-edit documents
Manage documents

6. Organize meetings
Conduct an instant meeting
Schedule public meetings
Schedule private meetings
Discover the features available during a meeting

7. Use search and commands
Perform a search
Navigate via search
Start an order

8. Customize and configure Teams
Show conversation tabs
Add channel tabs
Join or leave a team
Adjust user parameters

Training Adobe Photoshop Super Advanced – 3 days

Class overview :

This is our most advanced Photoshop class and is not for the faint hearted!


This course also helps you prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam, which is the highest level of recognition for Adobe applications. Get recognised for the new skills you’ve just gained: Get Certified!

Class goals :

What you will learn:

  • Best practices
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques
  • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam preparation
  • Graphic design, Web design and Digital art concepts
  • Presenting your artwork to the client
  • Prepared for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exams in Photoshop

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Training Photoshop CS6 / Comprehensive – 4 days

Class overview :

This comprehensive Adobe Photoshop training course will take students new to Photoshop CS6 through the basics of modifying existing photographs and create their own graphics up through using advanced layer and compositing techniques and learning to produce consistent color for print output. This course can also be taught using an older or new version of Photoshop.


Class goals :

– Get to know the Photoshop CS6 workarea
– Learn to use Adobe Bridge
– Learn to work with the different selection tools
– Learn to work with colors, painting and retouching
– Learn to use Photoshop layers effectively
– Learn advanced features of Photoshop CS6
– Learn to work with filters
– Learn to create images for the Web and for video
– Learn to work in 3D Continue reading Training Photoshop CS6 / Comprehensive – 4 days

Excel 2013: Introduction (starters) 1 day


Let your computer do the calculations. Take our Excel Introduction training course.

Maybe you’ve heard your colleagues talking about Excel, but you haven’t yet dived into it yourself. Perhaps you have used it, but haven’t really understood it. It’s a good thing Xylos has the perfect course for you: Excel Introduction! In just one day, you’ll be able to learn the basic principles of the most popular Office programme. And experience first-hand how Excel facilitates and optimises your numerical materials. Taking our Excel Introduction training course? Then you’ll have chosen the ultimate springboard into more complex functions, PivotTables, databases, graphs and more… All of which are on offer in subsequent training modules.

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Training InDesign CS6 / Introduction – 3 days

Class overview :

In this Adobe InDesign training course, students will learn to use InDesign CS6 to create documents, import and edit text, create and work with styles, use graphics, work with tables and print documents.

Class goals :

Familiarize yourself with the InDesign CS6 workspace.
Learn to build documents with master pages.
Learn to work with text and type.
Learn to work with styles.
Learn to work with graphics
Learn to create and use tables.
Learn to use color in your documents.
Learn to use effects.

PowerPoint 2007 Series: Layout and Text
Training PowerPoint 2007 Series: Layout and Text

Content of Training InDesign CS6 / Introduction

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Training WordPress Training – 3 days

Class overview :

In this WordPress training class, you will start with the basics of setting up WordPress and learn how to create and maintain a successful WordPress site.


Class goals :

  • Learn how to get started with WordPress, create new content, and import existing content.
  • Learn to change what appears on a home page, blog post, and more.
  • Learn to handle media uploads, audio/video players, and podcasting.
  • Learn to create themes, widgets, and plugins.
  • Learn to publish, move, maintain, and secure your WordPress sites.

Content of WordPress Training

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Training Adobe Photoshop Level 2 – 2 days

Class overview :

You have familiarized yourself with the basic image editing tools of Adobe Photoshop. Now, you need to manage images for optimal web and print display. In this course, you’ll work with advanced image handling tools and features available in Photoshop.

Class goals :

  • Work with advanced image handling tools and features available in Photoshop.
  • Create images for use on the web.
  • Prepare images to be viewed across different platforms.
  • Manage color in a Photoshop image.
  • Use the advanced image and video support features available in Photoshop.
  • Automate Photoshop tasks.
  • Incorporate the use of variables in a Photoshop composition

training excel brussels

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Training Office 2010 Series: Access – 4 days

Class overview :

This course explores the features of Microsoft Access 2010.

Class goals :

  • Describe the new Ribbon features
  • Visualize trends with data bars
  • Create application parts and data type parts
  • Use calculated fields
  • Build data macros
  • Insert Web content and create Web databases

training ms excel brussels

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Training Adobe InDesign Level 2 – 1 day

Class overview :

Course Description Using Adobe InDesign, you have created simple documents. Now, you may need to create huge documents that are attractive as well as can be accessed globally. In this course, you will deploy the advanced InDesign techniques to enhance the look and functionality of your documents.

Class goals :

  • ·        Use the advanced features of Adobe InDesign CS4-5 to create and design content for print and web.
  • ·         Manage styles.
  • ·         Develop complex paths.
  • ·         Handle page elements.
  • ·         Import and export data to external files.
  • ·         Work with XML.
  • ·         Manage long documents.
  • ·         Adjust print settings.

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Training QuarkXPress 8 / Advanced – 1 day

Class overview :

In this advanced QuarkXPress training class, you will use QuarkXPress to produce more professional-looking layouts. As you begin this QuarkXPress training class, you should already have a basic understanding of how QuarkXPress works. You may be able to create simple layouts and perform basic tasks, but find that is not enough to effectively work within a more professional, fast-paced environment.

Class goals :

– Learn to create graphic effects using Bezier paths, transparency, drop shadows, alpha masks, and picture effects.
– Learn to create type effects so that body text and display type enhance the layout’s design.
– Learn to lay out pages efficiently.
– Learn to control type color so that the densities of text blocks are modified as desired.
– Learn to apply color management techniques so that colors on the screen and the output match as accurately as possible.
– Examine different techniques for managing long documents.

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