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Excel 2013: Introduction (starters) 1 day


Let your computer do the calculations. Take our Excel Introduction training course.

Maybe you’ve heard your colleagues talking about Excel, but you haven’t yet dived into it yourself. Perhaps you have used it, but haven’t really understood it. It’s a good thing Xylos has the perfect course for you: Excel Introduction! In just one day, you’ll be able to learn the basic principles of the most popular Office programme. And experience first-hand how Excel facilitates and optimises your numerical materials. Taking our Excel Introduction training course? Then you’ll have chosen the ultimate springboard into more complex functions, PivotTables, databases, graphs and more… All of which are on offer in subsequent training modules.



What will you learn in our Excel Introduction training course?

Do complex calculations feature in your daily tasks? Then you’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently after a course on Excel for beginners. Once it’s finished, you’ll effortlessly be able to:

  • use the basic Excel functions
  • draft a simple spreadsheet with numbers, text and formulas
  • sort tables and filter data
  • make and edit simple graphs

Target group

Anyone who regularly performs calculations and would like to move their numbers over to Excel.


Participants are expected to be familiar with the Windows environment.


  • Layout of the screen
  • Working with the ribbon
  • Tabs and contextual tabs
  • The Quick Access toolbar
  • Dialogue Launchers
  • Galleries
Working with Workbooks
  • Adding, deleting, moving and renaming a worksheet
  • Selection techniques: Continue Selection and Discontinue Selection
  • Entering and changing data: text, data, numbers
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Undoing alterations
  • Moving and copying cells
  • Formatting via the ribbon
  • Using Format cells: numbers, outlining, fonts, borders, patterns
  • Making tables
  • Conditional Formatting via the ribbon: designating double values, designating cells with a value under or above a certain value
  • Developing formulas
  • Use of in-built base functions: Min, Max, Average, Count, Counta
  • Copying Formulas and functions with the ‘Fill Handle’
  • Absolute and Relative cell addressing ($).
  • Making a graph
  • The different components of a graph
  • Adjusting a graph with help from the ribbon/the vertical menu bar
  • Printing a workbook/worksheet
  • Page settings with help from the ribbon
  • Defining print areas
  • Installing header and footer texts
  • Print Preview
  • Pagebreak Preview.
  • The difference between a normal range and a table
  • Defining a table
  • Making a table
  • Sorting a table
  • Filtering a table


1 day(s)

Nous travaillons avec plus de 100 formateurs freelance certifiés et ayant actuellement une expérience dans le secteur. Ces formateurs sont sélectionnés par nos soins par des examens pédagogiques et de compétences.

Centre de formation PIXYSTREE

Rue Beeckmans, 53
1180 Bruxelles



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